it begins with pasta. so you eat like it’s your main course until you’re the right kind of full, but then your host mom brings out the main course, so some kind of meat, and some sort of cooked veggies on the side. You that too, after which you’re too full and wish you’d eaten less pasta. THEN you some fruit, which is actually great, THEN sometimes you’ll have gelato too. 

Maybe in a few weeks my stomach will get used to this ‘can’t say no to the food because you’ll feel bad your host mom will get offended’ thing, but for now, IM DYING. of happiness, joy, overhwhelmingness, over-eatingness, and all-around very slight culture shock. Because i do remember in italian class we learned that pasta was a primo (= first course) BUT THIS IS CRAZY.

oh, but the gelato is amazing. it helps too when the guy behind the counter is quite easy on the eyes… ;)

so yeah. I just needed to share with the world the utter amazing madness that is italian cuisine (all just from the past 2 days at my new home).

a presto :)