it's a good day :)

talk about pointless stress.

I was FREAKING out about my History of Witchcraft presentation, but then i got up there, and i’d completely forgotten just how much I’ve missed public speaking. Last semester I at least had my weekly APO meetings to count for something, but this was the first time since like May that I had to get up and talk in front of people (only 15 people showed up to class but still). And it went so well I almost gave myself a high five (-____-)

Which brings me to. I just found out I got appointed Historian again! Which means I have something even more to be excited about. 

But. 10 days left exactly. Now with Witchcraft presentation done, i don’t care about anything! GAH it’s terrible, but how can I? Its all pass fail, and the only class that I really need to pass is Comedy, which i am with flying colors. SO. THERE. I DONT CARE. BOOM. OH. YUP. OK. MOVING ON…

Let’s go over my schedule for the next 10 days, just for fun yeah? no.

-tomorrow: Cinema presentation


-thursday: last day of classes

-friday: cinema final


-monday: italian writ and oral, witchcraft final

-tues: everyone leaves

-wed: Ale’s 4th bday party yay!!

-thurs: off to iran.

OK. im off to dwell on matters important to the present. aka my presentation tomorrow. No. More. Procrastination.