I've been here forever, but it's only been 2 weeks?

week 2 in beijing (and week 1 of class) down, and it feels like I’ve been here forever. I’m becoming a pro at texting on my miniature Lenovo phone and the subway transfer to Line 10 has become my second home. crazy crazy crazy.


Yesterday, Maryann, Evan, Sam and I went to the Olympic Garden /Bird’s Nest, and took advantage of the blue sky and sunshine [FINALLY]. It was seriously amazing. We just hung out there for a about an hour, and all we did was sit in the stadium and ponder upon the amazingness, but it was well worth the 25 quai. 

Last night was the Great Aircraft Carrier Party, on the retired Russian aircraft carrier. The buses left at 5pm, and got there at 9. Basically, it’s exactly what the title says it is: a huge party on a boat. It was fun, not gunna lie. And we met some interesting people, but I feel like the whole thing was overhyped a lot. There was too much space, ot a crazy amount of the people, and the music was not that great at all. But again, but it was fun and if we hadn’t gone, we’d be wondering what we missed out on.

The buses left at 3am, so of course we all fell asleep. But some time later (maybe 2, maybe 3 hours?), the bus stopped, making us all wake up. Turned out it had broke down. So the handfull of us NSC kids who went got off the bus, walked off the highway and continued walking until we got to a main street (not that it was about 5 30am…). After a good 20 minute walk, we finally found one lone cab who, although charged us 100 quai, got us back to our hotel. It was hilarious, really. Mostly.


And so week 2 of classes begin, and let the stuggle fest continue.

Happy July 1st!