jetlag, you suck.

So i got here 5pm Beijing time, got picked up by the two head NextStepChina leaders/advisors, dropped my stuff off at the hotel, went to dinner, and somehow managed to stay awake until 9 30pm, thinking I’d now be able to sleep the whole night. I WOKE UP AT 12. THEN AT 1. AND NOW AT 2. dhBWALfhbfalwksj. 

but in other news:

1. Beijing’s weather is no joke. forget the whole hot/sticky/sweaty part, it’s so polluted you can barely see any blue sky!! And people complain about Tehran’s bad weather?! ha. jokes.

2. So instead of a dorm, NSC has put all 14 of us from the program in a hotel right next to BLCU. thing one: there are no closets/dressers…. and i guess that’s the only thing we have to figure out. but no biggie. at least we have our own bathroom!

3. I actually can’t wait to meet my roommate. all i know is she’s from Cali and has a pretty decent speaking level of Mandarin. I also found out there are only four of us going on the travel portion, and we’re all girls! should be super fun :)

4. I haven’t taken any pictures yet!! but we went to a Sichuan place for dinner last night. SO. GOOD. 

and finally 5. remember that little asian kid who was sitting next me on the plane? he didn’t speak a WORD of chinese! poor kid. there was a constant struggle fest between him and the stewardess’.He was travelling alone which made it that much worse… I bid him good luck wherever he is now, and my token of advice: GO LEARN CHINESE, KID.

ok. I’ve wasted enough time here. I’ll go ponder life some more. listen to some music. write a book?  maybe even unpack? 

catch you later.