My Last Day in Florence.


In the morning, I helped Onelise make hors d’oeuvres suitable for toddlers, like pigs in blankets and the fancier prosciutto in blankets (prosciutto cotto in puff pastry). After an awesome lunch made up of spaghetti con pesto, I tagged along with Onelise as she ran a few errands around the neighborhood. Finally at 4, went to the elementary school to pick up the kids. Ale got out first so while Onelise waited for Tommy to get out, Ale and I headed to the rec-center-type place where Bernadetta (Onelise and Mario’s daughter) was already setting up for the kiddo’s birthday party. Within fifteen minutes, the room was filled with 4 and 6 year olds, both Ale and Tommy’s friends. Thus commenced a charades of running around with balloon swords, attempting to play some games and batting a piñata (which was simply a paper bag tied at the top with candy inside). Once that hullaballoo was over, the kids discovered the joy of popping balloons. After every single balloon was popped, people started heading home. I got my kiss goodbye from Alessandro and Tomaso, and that was that.

Will they remember when I come back? I don’t know, but somehow I almost doubt it… fingers crossed they do!

Back home Mario, Onelise and I went through old baby pictures of their grandsons, drinking tea, eating tangerines and wondering how the hell time passed so fast.

Because I’m not just leaving Italy, I’m leaving this family that’s basically become mine. They keep asking when I’ll be back, and I’m overcome with this feeling that’s equal to the feeling I get when I think about Iran: it’s a duty and responsibility to visit my family for as long as I can, as often as I can (which is really only once a year). And that’s how I’m feeling about the Giubillei’s. I mean, it is on the way to Iran anyway, right?

Italy, I’m not done with you yet. I promise to keep speaking Italian and watching Italian movies and listening to Italian music and [attempting] to make Italian food and drinking Italian espresso every morning and telling everyone how awesome you are. Europe, I promise I’ll be back, if you let me. Non so dove ancora, lo vedremo. Mais je le promets quad même.

À bientôt.