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Sunday morning, the narrow streets of downtown Florence were taken over by runners, walkers, and casual people-watchers as the 10th annual Corri La Vita took place. The 5k marathon in honor of breast cancer awareness was definitely a cool event to be a part of.  Under the coordination of our school’s volunteer center, four of us SUF girls (plus a few other italian kids) took charge of bag check for the 250 or so runners who had brought what seemed like a week’s worth of luggage with them (im exaggerating of course). So so many people milling around, eating gelato, taking pictures… the music was playing loudly and the sun was actually shining. 

After the marathon, we went to find somewhere to eat, but it being Sunday, and EVERYTHING being closed on sundays, we ended up having to walk a good 3-4 blocks, until finally we stumbled upon a tiny trattoria. I got this “signature Florentine” dish called Papa, basically mushed bread with tomatoes? it sounds odd, and looks odd, but SO DELICIOUS.

Later in the afternoon, we spent 2 hours browsing and searching until we finally booked our 2 day trip to Bologna and Venice (so. pumped.), and finally walked back home in the pouring, thunderous rain (even though the sun was bright, hot and shining 3 hours earlier?! )


A wondrous creation that americans need to learn from. You buy a drink, anything from beer, to Chianti wine, to a Long Island Iced Tea, and you get an unlimited buffet of small finger foods or actual dishes. The styles and varieties of food depend on where you go, and the prices of course get more and more expensive the closer you get to the center of town.  From casual to elegant, there’s an appetitivo every night, at select locations, around 6 or 7pm for about 2 to 3 hours. A definite must if you ever come to Italy!


Across the Arno, on the less touristic, more local side of Florence, Piazza Santo Spirito (from what I can infer from my one visit) is “where it’s at” for the local Italians. Seems like all ages are present, and the later into the night it gets, the more crowded it gets as well. There’s music playing on a loud speaker, and people are just sitting outside bars, or sitting by the fountain with a bottle of wine, milling around, socializing. (Minus the creepy, strange, bizzaros) it’s a really cool atmosphere, very different that what you’d get in any piazza in the center of town, where you’re bound to find more foreigners than locals.

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