Peace out, America.

I’m off to Asia!

Normally, the obvious response here would be, “well….yeah…you go to Iran every summer…?” But that’s the catch! For the first summer in 20 years, I’m not going to Iran!

I’m going to China! Where I’ll be studying Mandarin for four weeks in Beijing, after which I’ll be traveling around to [i think] 5 or 6 different cities around the country with the program I’m going with.  I don’t know any Chinese, and I’ve never been to East Asia, sooo yeahhh. good luck on my first day of class right?? But regardless of how terribly hard class is going to be, I’m. so. excited. I’ve already downloaded a bunch of new songs I’ll be using for my video recaps, and have full charged both batteries for my nikon.

*start bragging-about-being-a-pro-plane-taker here* 

Like I said, I’ve been to Iran every summer since I was 3 months old, add in a few extra winters and I’ve been there a total of 23 times. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to go back so often until I started meeting people who hadn’t seen their families from their native countries in years. So i know I’m super lucky, and hopefully I’ll be able to continue going ever year, or at least as much as I can. But this is also where my earn bragging rights. It takes approx 10 years from here to Europe, add in an approx 3 hr layover, and another 6 hr plane from there to Tehran. Add in random waster time before and after and it totals to approx 24 hours one way.  So this 15 hour plane rife to Beijing? CAKE.

*end  bragging-about-being-a-pro-plane-taker here*

So i guess the next time I write back in here should be when I’m in China?! or the  airport. idk.

Either way, catch you later :)