Peace out, America. Italia, a presto!

I’m leaving in just 5 hours, and after a good few months of preparation and bittersweet goodbyes, it’s finally sweeter than it is bitter. Because I know i’ll be back, and I know when I do come back everything will go bak to normal. No one’s going to forget about me, and I’m not going to lose anything friends (lol). I realized over the summer that real friendships can last no matter what the distance between is. So now i’m just ridiculously excited to leave. My plan for the next few months: eat, take pictures, meet people. And it’s interesting, because after China I know what to expect of a study abroad now. That somehow doesn’t make it any less exciting though!

I will hopefully continue blogging as much as I can (because who knew I like to write??), but otherwise, WHATSAPP/SKYPE me!! I’m going to try to limit my internet use (which will obviously be impossible once classes start…), But i’ll drop by to say hi every now then!

Hope all you kids have an amazing fall season/semester, and SEE YOU SOON! :) 

catch you later <3