quick update and random musings.

let’s get updated!

Last weekend:

I went to Bologna, Venice and Parma (photos of fb soon!). What can i say. It was freezing cold, and pouring rain in Venice, but it was beyond amazing, seeing places you usually see in pictures, but seeing them with your own eyes, CRAZY, beautiful, 

In Parma with my Comedy in Italy class we saw an opera, Rigoletto, byt Giuseepe Verdi. I’ll be honest, i didnt think I’d like it. I’m not into that whole classical scene, and i thought I’d fall asleep, what with the show being 3 hours long. but OMG WTH IT WAS AMAZING. the theatre itself was quite breathtaking, the sets were to die for, and the singers totally gave you the chills. I am an now an opera fan. 

Thoughts on travelling:

I’ve realized the point of travelling, for myself anyway.  There’s the obvious “meet new people, experience different culture, eat new foods, etc” thing, but its not as clean cut as that. For me, going a way for the weekend to someplace cool would be amazing and all, especially with everything being so close to one another, but then that trip would be more like a vacation. I’d be a foreigner in a strange place, and as cool as the place may be, as good as the food may be, I wouldn’t retain much of it, if that  makes sense. I’ve realized what i WILL retain will be what will be the most beneficial, in that what will ADD more to what I already know. I realize this is all so vague, and I’m SO TERRIBLE with words (hence why I’m not  a writer!) but hopefully it all makes sense? 

What will make sense for me personally will be a trip around Iran, to places there I’d never been before, listening to dialects I don’t understand, and forcing my unfortunate farsi to expand (lol…) But then also in France would this sort of trip be beneficial. I’ve only been to Paris, and I know there’s so so much more to see. No, I’m not french, but I’ve also realized that save for my american passport, I’m simply NOT american, which is something that I’ve been slowly realizing since day 1 at my american university. 

It’s an awkward confusion, but I’m determined to figure i out.


Hope that all made sense? 

I think thats all for now. In a bout a week it’ll be midsemester, WHAT THE WHAT, then it’s off to fall break!I’ll most likely be back here once more before then!