Testing 1, 2, 3: music, europe and living abroad.

This is a test. 

1. I have concluded what I want to do with my life. Usually during the summer when I have a lot of time to think, i come up with crazy ideas. So i when i was in China, I finally solidified my future goals: music video production/ music A&R. Translation: finding new talent, bringing it in, making it big, all through/along with music video production. I know myself to be very fickle, and i know i’m going to come up with more ideas and dreams while I’m here, but if by the time i come back this whole music idea is still intact, i will go all out, full force, full throttle into making it all happen.

2.I tired Beijing, and i wasn’t the biggest fan. I want to see more of East Asia, but for now, I’m going to test Europe and see how it goes?

3. To see how it goes, meaning if it’s the kind of place I’d want to live abroad. Because I know I do, and i know i HAVE to at some point in my life.. the only question is WHERE.

So this is all a test. Let’s see how it goes?