the flow of things.

so it’s been a while. 

Life is back to reality, just better than the old reality because now i know what I want to do with my life. I’m shooting again, i’m meeting great people again, and I’m back with my people again. 

I think i might call Onelise and Mario tomorrow morning. dont cry. dont cry. dont cry. 

Week 1 back at school was hard, not gunna lie. Classes actually count and I might have forgotten how to be what I call “APO social”. socialness on CRACK. but i think im getting back in the grind of things, and it’s even more awesome than used it be. 

On a different note. I think my eyes got worse in the last 8 months.  hopefully i’m  just overreacting and my eyes were tired or something but i couldn’t really catch the basketball when they passed it to me from the 3point line… Regardless, it’s me vs. my eyes and I’m GOING to win.

well. thats that. i dont feel the need to come back yet… so for now: ci vediamo dopo!