The very first day of school.

We spent the first 2 hours singing out loud and the last two hours blinking wide-eyed at the professor.

Ok but really: we spent the first two hours pronouncing various sounds out loud (felt like singing class, or what I’m assuming singing class is like). The last two hours another professor came in, and that’s where started learning actual words and practicing writing characters. I feel like the only people who’d be good at writing mandarin characters would be professional artists. My notebook page looked like a preschooler’s doodle page -______-

Anyway. it was a really good first day. Everyone else in the class was just as strugglefested as I was. There are a few french kids, so I’m super excited to speak more with them and get my french back (which i feel like is only a few months away from being forever lost…). 

The cafeteria food is really good omg. Me and my NSC friend Evan shared dumplings and that rice-wrapped-in-leaves thing (yes, dumplings!!! again:D) for a total of 16 quai (less than 3 dollars for 20 dumpling and 2 huge rice things…. oh china<3)

Back in the hotel, after about an hour of nothingness, four of us girls decided to do some ab workouts. so we did, using a Nike Training iPhone app, in the hotel room and outside in the hallway, for a good 45 minutes, music blasting. Felt oh so great and too much fun. 


So I’e basically been posting every day. I might stop once our days get redundant, IF they even do lol.

It;’s been exactly a week, and I can’t express how much I’m enjoying it so far.

When I graduate, i WILL live abroad at some point, for a certain period of time (1 year? forever? who knows, whatever). Not necessarily here in Beijing (probabaly for sure not here), but I’m just constantly reminded here how everything is just better outside the US….idk. whatever. I shall not think about the future. I shall not think about the future. I shall not think about the future. I shall not think about the future. I. shall. not. think. about. the. future.

Sue me or laugh, i don’t care!

All I’m going to think about right now is buying a bike tomorrow and how I can’t wait to speak more french tomorrow (and mandarin of course). Works for me.

catch you later kiddos. sorry for the extremely long posts… I just seem to have a lot to say i guess?