The world is a crazy and incredibly small place.

you know when you went to a french high school with a total of 130 kids and you knew every single kid there and 2 years pass after you graduate and you find yourself in China one night at a club and all of a sudden you see a kid who used to be a freshman back in the day but is now entering his last year of high school, at that same incredibly small french school, and is in beijing studying mandarin? Yeah, I’m sure you don’t know what that’s like. but I do AND IT WAS THR CRAZIEST THING IN. MY. LIFE. I had to take a breather from the dancefloor and go somewhere quiet to freak out for a little bit. These things just don’t happen. They happen in movies and novels and other fictitious creations. The world is a crazy place, and as much as I’ve thought it to be huge, and distances to be too far, it’s not.