Vacationing is not Traveling

Belated ephiphany. but while walking the streets of Florence with my brother, parents and grandparents, I realized I was on vacation. Obvious, but I wasn’t anticipating this: I was all, “man, can’t wait to go back to italy, to travel to new parts of rome and florence, to travel to naples..” But as we went from fancy store to 4 star restaurant back to our comfy hotel room, I realized I miss traveling alone. I miss hostelling, I miss eating 4 euro sandwiches and 2 euro cappuccinos in hidden coffee shops. I miss walking off the traditional Florence map to my favorite park, I miss bussing around Ireland, I miss bar-hopiing in Ireland,  I miss exploring.

I gave up complaining though. a little carpe diem-ing needed to be done on a trip like this, a trip where 3 different generations and 6 different people all had very different desires. Live and let live, or whatever expression best fits. Traveling has it’s own time, and this isn’t it.


I’m off to Onelise and Mario’s tomorrow and I’m about to do cartwheels out of excitement. i’m sick of this tourist trap that is the historical center of florence. my florence is calling my name.

a presto!