We shall meet again in the Bahamas in 5 years.

Everyone left. We said our goodbyes yesterday and it was strange. It’s so wierd, we’ve been living with these guys for the past month, and we’ve become so comfortable with one another. It’s going to be weird not seeing them everyday, hearing Jack’s laugh or seeing Evan drop it low or listen to Maggie analyze yet another relationship. 

But now Sam, Maryann and I are off to Xian/Guilin/Shanghai for 10 days ( then I’m going to come back to BJ for 3 days before I leave back to LA.) It’s going to be so hard saying bye to those two. gah. i shall not think about it. 

Beijing has been great. I don’t really like the city itself. It’s not as international as I would like (yes, there are foreign areas, but outside those areas is a whole different world) Meeting so many people has been my favorite part overall. Genuinely good people who just want to learn and explore (for the most part) and experience new things. It’ll be weird going back to the US. so in a way my semester abroad is coming at a perfect timing. I’m so incredibly excited for the future :) (however sad and strange it is that I dont want the present to end….)


For the next 10 days, I’m planning on NOT using the internet. It’ll be a challenge, but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. so I guess the next time I’ll be back on here will wither be in 10 days when I’m back in BJ or in 2 weeks when I’m back in LA. either way,  zaijian wode pengyou! enjoy the rest of july!