Weekend Update: Assisi


On Saturday, we took an all-school trip to Assisi. A relatively uncomfortable two hour bus ride there and back,  pouring rain and an early morning call time? Still worth it. We spent the whole day in the medieval part of the city,  inside the Basilica di San Francesco. I’ll admit i usually don’t like museums or churches  or much of fine arts in general, but our tour guide managed to make this tour (and the one in Ravenna the day after quite interesting. The fresco’s in the walls told the story of this Saint, from birth to death. Now I’m in no way religious, not that I consider myself an atheist (that’s a bit extreme?) but rather agnostic. I was just never raised with it and it’s just never been on my list of things to think about. However, I firmly believe in Tolerance, Live and Let Live and WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST BE FRIENDS? And somehow, this San Francesco guy appealed a lot to me. From what i got from our tour guide, his main points were Carpe Diem (being happy today,rather than waiting for the afterlife) and the interrelations between the three main religions of the world (cough Tolerance cough). He was a hippie and environmentalist, and all together a pretty cool guy i would say. 

We ended our successful day with 3 different pastas (ragu, truffle and pesto?), wine and a cannoli-like desert.