We're moving at the speed of light.

That sounds like a really catchy song lyric, or the title a love poem, or some really cheesy movie line. 

But no. It’s literally how fast Mandarin class is going. It’s only day 3 and we already have a dictation tomorrow with all the characters we learned today and yesterday. It may sound incredibly and pathetically easy to anyone even in Mandarin level 1 (I’m sure I’m level 0…) BUT WHAT THE HECK IT’S SO  HARD.   lgbrwgrwlgkbjqb speaking is fine, and prnouncing in really fine, but characters…. HELL.


anyhoo. I spoke french today woo! And one the frenchie’s complimented me on my good french woo! this is going to be great: learning mandarin (coughStrugglingWithMandraincough) in class while speaking french during breaks. :)

sooo yeahhh. I think that’s all for now. Let the struggle fest continue.

catch you later!