What I think about in class.

1. I wish I was staying for the August session to  take another Mandarin course and stay in BJ longer.

2. but I cant stay because I have to go back to LA and send my passport to the Italian Consulate to get my Student Visa for Italy (#firstworldproblems)

3. maybe I’ll just transfer to another school abroad.

but that’d be stupid at this point though.

4. so maybe I’ll just switch my major again to something where I’d be able to take mandarin in school. 

that’d also be stupid at this point…

5. I wish I could stay longer…

6. Maybe I can extend my Italy stay and take another semester abroad even if I have to graduate later? 

No, I don’t want to graduate later…

7. I don’t want to go back to America.

8. I’m getting the hell back out of there the second I graduate.