Why I'm here and my new routine (i hope?)

I’ve realized why I’m here, or rather what I want to get out of the next few months. 

In a previous post, I’d written that this whole thing is a test. A test to 1) see if i can live more than 13 miles away from home, 2) to see if i can live abroad, and furthermore 3 ) to see if i can live in europe. None of these theories (except maybe the first) can be tested if I spend every weekend away, and am only spending my time in school, booking and planning future trips. I need to get  [THE HELL] out of school, and actually BE Florentine.  So I’m NOT going to the Belgium Techno festival.  oh well, too bad. But i will be in Firenze for an extra weekend.

At the beginning of the semester they told us: ” Try to find a way to do what you normally do, just do it with Italians”. Basketball? Still having a hard time figuring that out… Shooting? Having SUCH a hard time figuring that one out too… But otherwise, I’m beginning to set myself up a weekday routine, that’ll be worth my while in my opnion:

On mondays, I’ll be tutoring italian middle schoolers in French and English, after which i’ll heading back to campus for an acting workshop/rehearsal; wednesdays I’ll be knitting after class for 2 hours for the seniors at a local home; and finally, I’ll be starting a photo series. Sure, I can’t shoot people as often, but there’s so much beauty here, it’s wasteful to stay indoors. so monday/wednesdays during my 2.5 hour break, i will be hitting the streets with my camera, photographing walls, doors, and street art.  Last friday i spent 5 hours just walking around town, and it’s one of the most fun times I’ve had here (no joke, no lie, for realz). I’ll wake up early in the mornings (when i feel like it lol) and go run by the Arno, maybe get lost a little. Which brings me to: ITS SO FUN GETTING LOST. especially when you stumble upon something familiar, it’s so exciting finding your way around, and finding new places (and more walls/doors/street art!)

So yeah. that’s that. we’ll talk about this again soon/when i come back!

For now, Happy October 2nd!