zaijian, China. I'll be back soon?

So here I am again in Starbucks, on one last internet run before I leave tomorrow. It’s weird, oh so weird… I don’t miss LA at all. Or America for that matter. I just want to see people. and eat hummus and feta cheese and drink persian tea and shoot people again.

I’ll be back on here posting photos and the final vide recap (sometime next week!), but until then, zaijian wode pengyou!

China Recap: I’ll miss you so

- ate a sheep testicle

-played basketball with the chinese kids

-drank baijiu

-partied on an aircraft carrier

-stayed out till the sun came up 

-learned a new language

- 798 Art District: the #1 place you should go to if you’re in Beijijng

- ate a burger at 2 am (twice)


-danced on a stage on springs


-spent my birthday [day] on the Great Wall of China.

-watched a 14 year old take a shot 

-the taiwanese shaved ice place on the corner <3

-san li tun nights always ending up at Elements

-wudaokou nights always ending up at Sensation

-steering away from old men at clubs

-laughing at old men at clubs

-meeting hilarously strange people at clubs

-ran into a kid from my tiny high school at a club (…what the…)

-our glass-walled bathrooms….

-assless chap babies

-similarly, babies taking a bathroom break on the side of the road as their moms stand aside and wait for them to finish…


-i can finally eat rice with chopsticks!!

-staying in on a saturday night to watch Friends with the girls

-took an 11 hour train with beds

-biked on the Xi’an wall

-date stuffed fried persimmon in Xi’an

-mango smoothies and beer fish in Yangshuo

-hiked the Longsheng mountains: photographic orgasm

-saw the Longsheng rice terraces: the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen

-eating watermelon straight out of the skin.

-creeping on babies at the park

-rode on a bamboo float

-biked through the Xi’an countryside in the pouring rain

-buckwheat!! (bread and tea)

-The Shanghai Bund

-somehow got our way into the “reservation only” club in Shanghai

-I want to go back to the French Concession!

-rice, noodles, DUMPLINGS, tea

-the corner baozi place, krystal’s baozi place, our baozi place

-made amazing friends from around the world

peace out for now, i miei amici.