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I'm now booking for senior portraits for the class of 2019! USC, UCLA, and any high schools I can take a bust or uber to lol. 

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Alexa Joan Rae | Elysian Park | August 2017

Alexa Joan Rae of Plexxaglass shot in Elysian Park, August 2017

Maddie Ross | Glassell Park , CA

Maddie Ross shot in Glassell Park , December 2016.

exploring my block

I've been living here eastside  in Lincoln Heights for 4 months. It's about time I take my camera with me on my explorations. 

I found a hole in a fence a block away from me. Here's what I found on the other side of it.

Europe Fall 2015

Here's to that one time I got a Working Holiday Visa to live/work in Ireland for 1 year then decided to spend 3 months traveling outside of the US instead.






Ojai with ICE CREAM

I just spent 24 hours with the band ICE CREAM in Ojai, CA. They were in town for the weekend to finish mixing their debut album, and decided to camp it out for a couple nights. Perfect timing, since I had to be in Ojai to for a summer rock camp I will be working at this week anyway, so I headed up a day early to hang out with the dudes. They mixed a few more songs, we saw the world's biggest skateboard, ate some burgers, and ended the night back at the campground with  a cute fireside jam session. Super cute. They're such great musicians it's hard not to swoon while they're deep in their acoustic thoughts. 

I think they're done mixing now, and it's all so very exciting!! I'm in love with the music they make, and I have a really good feeling this record is going to do great things for them. It's sounding so good, and it's quite a unique experience being part of a process like this. No other band has invited me into their album-making world before, so being able to be around for ICE CREAM's fits into such a bigger picture with how I want to be connecting, collaborating and interacting with artists. :)

Anyway. Here are some of the photos I snapped:: 


ICE CREAM is from San Francisco. They were in town this weekend and I decided they could use some  new photos for  their internet things, so on Friday night we shot for a few minutes before the house party they were playing at. 'twas swell!

::Kid Cadaver rehearsal::

Sat in on a Kid Cadaver rehearsal for the first time last week in the garage in the valley. Snapped some pics. Heard some new jams. 'twas fun.

The Road to SXSW with Smoke Season

Last week I got in a van with the Smoke Season duo, Gabby and Jason, their drummer Chris, and their tour manager/friend Matt, to drive the 22 hours from LA to Austin for our first SXSW. Along the way we stopped multiple times to catch the desert vibes on camera, and the cacti did not fail us.

Here are some of my favorite shots from that day:


That's a wrap on Kid Cadaver's West Coast tour!

10 days, 9 shows, 6 states.

The second half of tour was hot and sweaty. We made our way back down the coast into Utah, Arizona and Nevada for some sweet 100+ degree weather. I dove deeper into the man cave that was living with 4 boys in their early 20's, but I just can't complain. Getting to know these guys in such an unintentional way has made me even more excited about the band. I just saw them play 9 shows in 10 days, I swear I could still keep going at it. Their passion and energy keeps consistent no matter the size of the stage, no matter the venue, no matter the crowd. I love seeing new fans' reactions after a Kid Cadaver show, because without fail they've been blown away and walk away on a high. But now not only do I love their music and the true grit they put into their work, but I've been able to see them in their most unfiltered and genuine places, in ways  I would not have thought when I first randomly stumbled onto them on a music blog 8 months ago.

Anyway, if you thought I was done gushing about Kid Cadaver, think again. I'm even more excited now than I was 10 days ago. 

Here are some of my favorite shots from the second half of tour::



Kid Cadaver Does West:: First Half Recap

We’re halfway through Kid Cadaver’s tour of the west coast .

The tour started Friday in San Francisco, but on Saturday morning I took a Greyhound bus up to meet up with the guys in Oakland. 

There have been restless drives, a couple nights spent in the van,  two AAA calls,  a trip to Autozone,  fancy doughnuts, pine tree vibes, the friendliest hospitality, and  4 shows.My favorite parts though have been the moments in between, the ones you don’t get a glimpse into as just a fan, photographer or friend. We're all stuck in the van for hours on end, sleeping on other people's floors, and making it through each day spending every single second of it in one another's company. You reach a certain point where you have to let all your guards down: you're barely showering, you're barely sleeping, and things are bound to get really comfortable. Being the only girl traveling with four dudes has been interesting too, if you'r wondering. I'm straight up living in a boy's world this week and I'm loving it: it's hilarious, refreshing and somehow humbling. It's humbling getting to know these guys on such a grounded level, in the most unintentional yet natural way . 

I’ve loved capturing those little moments, in between the hustle of soundchecks and the long, drives.  By now I’ve shot the band’s live shows countless of times, but being able to capture them unfiltered has allowed me to connect with  them so much more with who they are off stage. 

Here are some my favorite shots from the first half of the tour:::

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Shab Ferdowsi // Kid Cadaver