Because Self, face  it, YOU NEED A DAMN RIDE. 

To ask for a ride is admitting dependency. Asking for a ride is saying "I can't do it by myself",  it's proving that I need help, proving that I'm not an independent adult.

Taking the bus, however, allows me to  go where I want, when I want, EXCEPT of course when the bus doesn't come, when it stops after every corner, and when the route takes 3 busses and 2 hours instead of a 30 minute drive. 

I feel SO bad asking for rides. so I don't. but i need to! Because busses don't run everywhere, and what if say I'm at a concert past midnight and there are literally no busses running around me?!  Or I want to get to venice but really just don't want to waste 1 hour of my life in a bus when it takes 20 mins tops from my house in westwood.

Oh, and let's not even talk about my parents insisting giving me rides, when I'm REALLY trying REALLY hard to at least pretend like I'm a normal adult living a freelance life. 


Thanks and screw you too, LA.