If We Gave In To Our Weaknesses...

If I gave in to my weaknesses, life would be duller than a white wall.

Because my eyes can't focus on one point, I can't manually focus a DSLR camera, thus limiting my videography capabilities, and furthermore causing some awesome low levels of confidence when I'm shooting video.

           If I  gave in, EASY:I would  simply quit shooting video. 

Because of my legal blindness, I can't ever get a regular driver's license, so now I'm confined to asking for rides, using public transportation and on the rare occasion I feel like shelling out $$, I'll take a Lyft/Uber. 

      If I gave in, EASY: I would simply stay at home and never leave the house, because it would be too much of  a hassle to get anywhere across town. 

Because my hands sweat the majority of the time that I'm awake.... well yeah, it's annoying. 

     If I gave in, EASY: I would avoid any and all introductions. who needs to meet new people anyway...?


But the EASY routes sound a little... lame, for lack of a better term.

antisocial, passive, unmotivated. 

Passivity is easy to give in to.

So if waiting for my mom to pick me up at the end of the night because itll take 75 minutes by bus and she's already offered a ride is my route away  from passivity, then so be it.