Hey Shab, you know what? I know you feel a lot of feelings,I know you care a lot. Too much sometimes. And I know because of that, when things or people don't go the way you want them too, your heart crawls into your throat, your gut hides away in some corner, or you just feel like throwing your laptop off the roof and onto someone's head.

The thing is, sometimes, most of the time, it's really OK. It's ok if the bus is late, it's ok if your friends didn't come to your show, it's ok if you don't get the job or an interview or a reply to an application, it's ok if you stay home tonight, it's ok if you start losing touch, it's ok if you weren't invited, and it's really fucking OK if he doesn't like you back (note to self: figure out how to figure out that last one...)

Because news flash? Life is still moving dude!! I know because of the many, many feelings you're feeling, you want to sit and wallow about it, wonder what you could've done differently, what you should do to fix it now, or whatever other shit is going through your head. LISTEN KID: Lift yourself out of that aimless feeling of disappointment/despair/worry/sadness/etc and realize that your heart doesn't need to feel this way, this shitty. 

You're surrounding yourself with inspiring people, you're doing what you love, you're making real friends, and I think people are starting to listen to what you're saying. 

You missed a shot, but whether it was a three-pointer or a layup, shake it off, and get your head back in the game. Something will happen eventually as long as you keep keeping on, keep doing, keep moving.